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We have attended 27 callouts (some multiple days in length) to date in 2014 and  attended  56 callouts in 2013


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After a busy training weekend in Coniston we are pleased to announce that Dave Howarth (Searchdog Fern) from Kendal MRT and Elly Whiteford (Searchdog Bracken) from Keswick MRT have both been awarded the Green Tag and now join the ranks of fellow Search Dog Handlers on callouts.

Dave Howarth & Fern

(Kendal MRT)


Elly Whiteford & Bracken

(Keswick MRT)

In addition all the other Training Stages are making excellent progress, with Kath, Mike H and Martin moving up from Stage One to Two.




The dog teams have had 3 very sucessful days with 2 finds after people had been missing overnight - in both cases the missing person was found safe and well - it is great that our hard training pays off. 


29 JUNE 2014

  Callout - Dog Find

Bowland Pennine MRT had been searching the Silverdale area for a missing elderly lady on the evening and early hours of Sunday morning.  They requested additional assistance from Kendal MRT and the Lakes Searchdogs.  The search continued and Searchdog Ani and her handler Bill found the lady safe and well



28 JUNE 2014

Jamie Cassidy

reaches new heights


Today handlers Mick Guy (Ginny) and Andy Peacock (Corrie) were proud to be part of Jamies Hellvelyn assent team. Jamie for the last 2 years has helped to raise money for the Search dogs by climbing a new mountain each year.

2013 he climbed Conistion Old Man, 2014 Hellvelyn and in 2015 he hopes to reach the heights of Scafell Pike.




26 JUNE 2014

Callout - Dog Find 

Penrith team were called to search for a missing 80yr old who had been gone for 12 hours.  Various routes were searched and searchdog Corrie and her handler found the lady in a densely wooded area several hundred metres from a footpath.  She was uninjured and able to return home.








16-17 Aug (Haweswater) - Bampton Village Hall


12-14 Sept (Trailing) - Smelt Mill


13-14 Sept - (Coniston) - Coppermines Hut


10-11 Oct (Patterdale) - Striding Edge Hostel


8-9 Nov (Buttermere) - Derwentwater YHA


12-13 Dec (Keswick) - Training Seminar - Hassness Hostel 




31 Jan - 7 Feb (Cairngorm) - Badaguish






11 June 1930hrs KMRT
30 July 1930hrs LAMRT
25 Sept 1930hrs KMRT
19 Nov 1930hrs LAMRT
14 Jan 1930hrs KMRT






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A 'Full Page' means that all dog teams were requested to attend;

'Local Dogs Only' means that only the team dogs/neighbouring dogs were requested.


Where the Dog Team has a LOCATE - this means that the missing person's location had already been identified (eg lights seen, whistles heard, rough location given to team) and the dog has pinpointed their exact position.


Where the Dog Team has a FIND - this means that the missing person's location was not known and the dog found them with no other assistance.


For Previous Callouts - Click on the year to view


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23 July 0425 hrs


Tweed Valley MRT / SARDA Southern Scotland


Stood Down 0630hrs


Full Page

Search Dogs: Beck, Ginny, Corrie & Skye

Newcastleton, Scotish Boarders

14yr old Female missing overnight after a row with sibling

Female located safe and well after sleeping in a disused cottage. 


LDMRSDA Dogs Stood Down in en route.


13 July 2326hrs


Langdale Ambleside MRT / RAF Helicopter



Stood down 0500hrs 14 July



Local Dogs

Search Dogs: Ted & Skye

A group of young people were camping at Easdale Tarn, Grassmere as part of an expedition. The group had decided to walk further uphill to watch the sunset.

One of the party became separated from the group and subsequently suffered a fall. He sustained multiple injuries including head, pelvis and arm.

He phoned for help, but was vague on location.  

Team members and search dogs finally located him high on a crag overlooking the tarn. Treated by team members and airlifted to hospital

07 July 1800hrs


Patterdale MRT / Penrith MRT / Kendal MRT / RAF Boulmer Helicopter


Stood down 2030hrs


Local Dogs



Search Dogs;

Ani, Keppi, Dottie, Corrie

A lone 21yr old female walker had contacted police to say that she was lost on the Coast to Coast walk. She could identify a large body of water with a dam (possibly) below her. 


The woman was located by MRT safe and well.

28/29 June 2030hrs


Bowland Pennine


Stood down 0230hrs on 29th and restarted 0900hrs 29th - stood down 1330hrs


Local Dogs Only


Dottie, Skye, Ani, Keppi plus


Searchdogs Floss (SARDA E) and Boris (SARDA W)

A 77yr old woman was reported as missing from the Silverdale area

An extentive search of the immediate area was undertaken on the Saturday evening into the early hours of Sunday morning by Bowland Pennine MRT (with dogs Floss, Dottie, Boris and Skye). 

Later Kendal MRT and search dogs (Ani, Keppi and Skye) joined to continue with the search.

The missing lady was FOUND by searchdog Ani and was able to return home.


28 June 1430hrs


Ogwen Valley MRT


Stood down 2030hrs

Searchdog Boris (SARDA Wales trailing dog) backed up by searchdog Dotte Whilst Lakes handler was in Bury area with SARDA Wales handler and navigator - the trailing dog was called to a search for a missing person in Llandudno - the Lakes handler attended to provide additional support and backup to the trailing dogThe trailing dog was able to find a trail from Llandudno town centre to a steep sided area of the Great Orme.  At this time the Lakes dog was not deployed due to steep ground conitions.  The incident remains unresolved at this time

27 June 0600hrs


Penrith MRT


Full Page


Stood down 1045hrs


Corrie, Ginny, Dottie, Meg, Beck

An 80yr old woman was reported as missing overnight in the Ainstable. The missing lady was FOUND by searchdog Corrie in rough woodland and despite being out overnight was able to return home safe and well.

22 June 1830hrs


Duddon & Furness MRT


Local dogs only


Stood down 1840

Searchdog OllieAn 80yr old female with Alzheimers was reported as missing homeThe search was stood down as team members and dog were deploying

15 June 0515hrs


Penrith MRT


Full Page


Stood down 0800hrs


Dottie, Ted, Ginny, Corrie


plus Ani and Meg en route 

At the same time as callout 21, Penrith MRT were asked t deal with an 80year old man suffering with Parkinsons  reported as been missing overnight from a house in CaldbeckAs Penrith and Kirkby MRTs and dog teams were searching the man was founfd by a farmer in his farmyard and taken to hospital

15 June 0445hrs


Penrith MRT


Local Dogs Only


Stood down 0515hrs

Searchdog DottieA male fell runner had been reported missing from a fell race in the Shap area from the previous dayThe organisers had failed to record his retirement from the race and had called out the team.  The man was discovered in a B&B by Police as the dog team was enroute

9 June 2015hrs


Coniston MRT


Full page


Stood down 2030hrs 

Searchdogs Ani, A 74 year old male was reported as missing in the Coniston areaThe search was stood down whilst the dog teams were en route.

8 June 2046hrs


Duddon & Furness MRT


Local dogs only


Full pages


Stood down 2320hrs


Skye, Sam, Ani, Bute, Einich, Beck

A 38 year old man was reported as having been missing for 24 hoursHandlers and team members searched wooded ground near to Newby Bridge but the man was reported by Police to be safe and well some time later

30 may 2014 1330hrs


Initially Patterdale MRT but subsequently Keswick MRT


Full page


Stood down 2130hrs


Beck, Ginny, Meg, Keppi, Ted

Initially Patterdale MRT were alerted by Police to a possible missing person after  a man resident failed to return to hishotel in Patterdale - after 'pinging' the misper's phone it appeared that this placed him near to the Keswick side of the Helvellyn range, and Keswick MRT then took control of the incidentAn extensive search ensued including helicopter support from Greater Manchester Police.  The body of a man was found by the police helicopter in an area of steep ground - FATAL 

26 May 1811hrs


Langdale Ambleside MRT


Local dogs


Stood down 1820hrs


Beck, Ted, Ginny, Olly

2 girls became separated from their father on Broad Crag The girls were located as the dog teams were getting ready to deploy

4 May 1424hrs


Coniston MRT


Local dogs only


Stood down 1500

Searchdog ButeA party of four reported themselves as lost in fog on Coniston Old ManThe search was called off as the party had met up with other walkers and were being escorted off the fell

14 April 2230hrs


Keswick MRT


Full Page


Stood down 0330hrs


Ginny, Keppi, Beck, Ani, Dottie, Corrie, Olly, Bute

A 69 year old man failed to return after a walk on Scafell from SeathwaiteAfter and extensive search tby a numbr of MRTs and dogs, the body of the missing person was found by Wasdale team members in Piers Gill - FATAL

28 April 1212hrs


Wasdale MRT

Request for Swift Water Technician handlers only


Stood down 1740hrs


Olly, Beck, Bute, Skye and Keppi.


Dottie on route.

A 76 yr old man reported as missing having been seen

approx. 09:10 with a dog, swimming in the estuary.

Dog was fine.

The missing man had not been located.


Conclusion: The missing mans body was discovered weeks later in a tidal section of the river Esk. FATAL


18 April 2017hrs


Wasdale MRT

Local dogs only


Stood Down 2209hrs

Searchdog Olly

Party of 3 got lost on the way down from Scafell Pike but they could see the lake and buildings. They had no torch and were worried about not getting down by dark. They also had NO map, compass, whistle, food or water. They didn't know where they had set off from.

Team and handler were recalled when missing persons phoned from their vehicle. They also got lost whilst driving!

6 April 1304hrs


Wasdale MRT

Full Page


Stood down 1414hrs


Ginny, Keppi, Meg and Bute

Walkers reported overdue from night ascent of Scafell Pike (Three Peaks).Found by team members in Hollow Stones.

29 March 0745hrs


Keswick MRT

Full page


Stood down 1045hrs


Ginny, Beck, Keppi, Ted and Sam

Search continued from previous night.Missing person was found below Sharp Edge by team members. FATAL.

28 March 2035hrs


Keswick MRT

Full page


Stood down 0020 Sat


Ginny, Beck, Olly, Corrie, Keppi and Meg

Missing 64 year old solo walker failed to return to accommodation.Search stood down after midnight. Missing person not found.

28 March 1701hrs



Local dogs only


Stood down 1739hrs


Ted and Kitt

Two people reported as lost on the summit of Bowfell.Handlers recalled as couple made their way down to Three Tarns

29 March 1246hrs



Local dogs only


Stood down 1505hrs


Ted and Skye

At request of Cumbria police; To revisit and search Ghyll from Steam boat Museum to Lake Road. To search in daylight as previously searched at night. Also supporting two Swift Water Technician from team

The missing person had not been located (9b)


Conclusion: The missing persons body was recovered from the lake some weeks later. FATAL


27 March 2330hrs




Trailing and Local dogs only


Stood down 0130hrs


Ted and Skye 

plus SARDA Wales Trailing dog Boris

The incident from previous in the day was re-opened following futher information Despite a further extensive search the missing person was not located. (9a)

27 March 1300hrs




Full page


Stood down 1615hrs


Ginny, Beck, Olli, Bute, Ani, Skye, Ted

A 20 year old male was reprted as missing in the Windermere areaDespite an extensive search the male was not found.(9)

12 March 0535hrs




Full page


Stood down 1210hrs


Ginny, Beck, Meg, Skye, Olli, Bute

A man had been reported by his wife as overdue from a planned walk on Scafell Pike.  An initial overnight search had no result so this was scaled up to include a number of other MR teams and dogsThere was a comprehensive search carried out of a large area surrounding the Scafell Massive and sadly the body of a gentleman was discovered in a waterfall pool at junction between Gable Beck and Ill Gill at approx 300m asl.  FATAL

6 March 2050hrs




Stood down 0000hrs


Full Page


Dottie, Ginny, Meg, Keppi, Sam, Jake

A husband and wife were walking in the area of woodland near Cliburn when they became seperated for a while.  The husband was unable to find the wife and spent time searching for her - this was escalated to the police as concerns were growing for herPenrith team and team dog searched the immediate vicinity as the other dog teams were deploying to the area.  The missing lady was found by Police walking along the road between Eamont Bridge and Clifton

19 Feb 1700hrs




Stood down 1940hrs


Local dogs only

Searchdog TedA man and woman reported themselves lost on Silver HoweDespite a search of the Slver Howe area by team and dog, the man and woman were actually found by a farmer on Blind Tarn Moss!

17 Feb 1425hrs




Stood down 1700hrs


Local dogs only



Einich, Ani, Bute, Skye

Two people reported themselves lost whilst walking on Coniston Old Man - they were unable to give a location and reported that they were on steep ground and unable to move, with one of their party becoming very coldHandlers were searching a known black spot above Levers Water and heard whistling.  They reported this to team members in the area of Great How Crag who escorted the pair to safety

2 Feb 0900hrs




Stood down 1500hrs

Searchdog Dottie


(Plus 7 dogs from SARDA Scotland)

An avalanche had occurred on the Ring of Steall route and a man was reported as missing - Dottie and handler were training with their team in the area and attended the calloutDottie and Penrith team were tasked with searching above the Steall Falls area.  The body of the man was found in the river - FATAL

14 Jan 1805hrs




Full Page


Stood down 0030hrs


Dottie, Ted, Corrie, Beck, Ginny, Jake, Einich, Kitt, Skye, Meg

A woman was reported missing and concerns raised after her vehicle was found near the River Greta in KeswickAn extensive search including Keswick and Cockermouth teams was undertaken.  The body of a woman was found in the river by team members. FATAL

12 Jan 1500hrs




Full Page


Stood down 1800hrs


Dottie, Corrie, Beck, Meg, Einich, Ted, Keppi, Ginny, Jake

Police raised concerns regarding a 57yr old woman missing in the Castle Carrock area.Dogs and Penrtih Team as well as an RAF helicopter searched the areas of Castle Carrock and Gelt Woods.  The body of the lady was found the following day - FATAL

07 Jan 0900hrs




Full Page


Stood down 1530hrs


Ginny, Beck, Corrie, Meg

The search from the previous day was continuedAt this time no result.


06 Jan 1700hrs




Full Page


Stood down 2030hrs


Ginny, Ted, Dottie, Beck, Corrie, Meg

A man was reported as missing following a party at a hotel adjacent to the lake at Glenridding

 An extensive search by police, Patterdale team and dogs was undertaken with no result